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How to properly care and clean your jewelry

How to properly care and clean your jewelry

How to properly care and clean your jewelry

It is of course not surprising that you want your jewelry to last a long time. Whether it is an heirloom, a gift from a loved one, or a treat for yourself, it is important to take good care of your jewelry so that you can enjoy it for as long as possible. Regular care and cleaning can maintain the shine and extend the life of your favorite pieces. But how do you best approach this? We have listed a number of tips for you to keep your jewelry in top condition!


  •  Know your materials: 

Before you start cleaning your jewelry, it is essential to know what materials you have. Different precious metals and gemstones require different approaches. More expensive materials such as diamonds can generally be safely cleaned with mild soap and water, while pearls and opal are more sensitive to chemicals.

At Elvie The Label we only sell stainless steel and real freshwater pearls. You can clean your Elvie jewelry with mild soapy water (make sure it doesn't contain chlorine) and some lukewarm water, then pat it dry with a soft kitchen cloth. To remove dirt from nooks and crannies, we recommend using an unused soft toothbrush. First place your jewelry in a bowl of water so that the dirt can soak off, then brush gently with the toothbrush over the dirty spots. By putting baby oil on a cloth and carefully rubbing this cloth over your stainless jewelry, it looks like new again.


  • Clean regularly

Don't wait until your jewelry looks dull or covered in dirt to clean it. Regular maintenance is key. When the damage is done, it is often difficult to get your jewelry as beautiful as when you bought it. Maybe a monthly cleaning moment is a good idea?

  • Avoid chemicals

Avoid harsh chemicals like chlorine and bleach when wearing your jewelry. These substances can damage both precious metals and gemstones. Remove your jewelry before performing household tasks that involve exposure to such chemicals. You can certainly swim with our jewelry. They will not discolour. However, the chlorine can cause them to become a bit duller. To keep them shiny, it is best to take them off in the pool.

  • Store them properly

Last but definitely not least! Store your jewelry properly. Use jewelry boxes with soft linings to prevent scratches and keep chains separate to avoid tangles. Because let's face it, nothing is more annoying than chains that are tangled!

We stand for long-lasting jewelry! By regularly caring for your jewelry and cleaning it properly, you will not only maintain its beauty, but also extend its lifespan. Every piece needs attention, so take care of them and they will be grateful for years.

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